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    It is time you meet Laserfight!

    Laserfight is the largest outdoor laser tag equipment manufacturer in the world. We were founded 10 years ago in a tiny workshop. Today, we have more than 100 employees and two facilities. More than two thousand customers are using our products, including military force, police force, field or mobile business owner. More than 10 million people have already enjoyed the unique game that our product brought to them. Those number still growing rapidly when you read this.

    The mission of our enterprise is to develop, manufacture and market the commercial outdoor combat simulating systems. We also focus on pushing the outdoor laser tag game to be an official sports. We set standard on equipment, help officials to set up game rule. We sponsored the first national competition both financially and technically. Today we are in fact the industrial standard.

    Our products prove to be excellent and have gotten the great evaluation from the customers. It can be used both indoor and outdoor, during daytime and night, anywhere, by anyone. We hold six patent including both function design and model design. We can proudly claim that we are not only competitive in terms of price but also have the best function in the industry. We have implemented real time feedback system since 2003 and our patent was granted in 2005. We improved the mold design of our guns more than twenty times with 10 years. Every detail of our product has been carefully designed and evaluated by our engineers. As you can imagine, since laser tag is the only war game that is not restricted by Chinese government, our product is abused by the biggest population with the highest frequency in the world. Our engineers are still listening to our customer and making improvement every day.

We have set up the distribution and service station in the US to provide the best products and service for the global customers. We appreciate your attention for our update.